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"So happy we started working with Rhonda on the gradual improvements in our home. She was able to use our heirlooms in a way that is fresh and new." Lori and Tim  R.- Chicago

"Our daughter has a very customized designer bedroom that is also a favorite of all her friends.  She is thrilled with the results and said it was the best birthday present ever!" The Buchanan Family

"The design of our teenage son's bedroom and rec room was so good that it almost brought him to tears! It's very customized to his tastes." Olivia & Jim

"I love coming home to a gorgeous design in every room. People have referred to my house as the 'Pinterest house" lol

Thank you for all the help Rhonda, it was a lot of fun!" Lisa S.-Boulder

"Rhonda has designed two homes for me and I couldn't be happier with the results! With a very busy work schedule I didn't have time to do it all myself but I was involved on a few specific things, the rest came together beautifully. 

Thank you!" Carrie M.-Carmel, California

"She's put soul into our formerly dated and cold home! People who saw it before cannot believe it." Wendy and Bruce

"I moved across country with half a house full of furniture and no plan. Rhonda was able to use the best of what I had and fill it in with new pieces that reflect who I am today. She is very pleasant, decisive and she helped me stay on task. I would recommend her whole-heartedly." Jim G

"Our living room used to be the "pass through" room and now it's the "go to" room. Thank you so much for creating a cozy and inviting space for us. We love it!"

Joe & Kathe

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